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How a Ductless Mini Split Can Help Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Do you have an area of your house that you would love to use more but don't because of the lack of good heating and cooling in it?

Most people do have these areas, be it a sun room, a family room addition, maybe a garage or even a large shed. For some people their first thought is, what can we steal off of the existing central heating and cooling system?

Their are multiple problems with that because the original heating and cooling system was sized and built for the original house and it will take away from the comfort of those areas.

The second big reason is these areas are further away from the thermostat and that creates a bigger problem because the house thermostat has no way to regulate these rooms, meaning that when the original house is satisfied the equipment shuts down and leaves your add on room unsatisfied.

And finally how in the heck do we even get any runs out their. Look this type of work costs money and probably more money than you're willing to gamble with. The worst part is that this option is a gamble and more often than not is a failure.

introducing the ductless mini split heat pump. Yes you heard that right a heat pump this way you can heat and cool your add on room, sunroom, garage or family room addition and with its own thermostat and have complete control of these rooms individually.

I also want to add that these aren't your typical heat pumps these mini splits are incredibly efficient ranging anywhere from 16 SEER to 33 SEER and best of all can run good at temperatures down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. Try that with a traditional heat pump.

I am sure at one time or another we have all heard how noisy a window unit is. So loud that you have to talk louder to each other and turn the TV up to hear it, who wants that? These ductless mini splits are so quiet that most of the time you don't even know they are on.

Ductless mini split heat pumps come in a variety of sizes built to heat and cool any room that you install them in. if you have more than one additional room that is close to one another you can use a dual zone mini split and add a second head and still have complete control of each room.

As for garages or large sheds these systems are a perfect fit. Why? because their is no ductwork needed and installation of these systems are one day or less.

If I have your attention and you are interested just Contact Us and get a free estimate. Even if you still have questions, just reach out and contact us and we will be happy to answer them. The goal here is your comfort and satisfaction.

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