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Get Your HVAC Air Conditioning System Ready for Summer

Summer is right around the corner and it is time to get your AC system ready for the heat.

images of how to get your AC system ready for summer
Get Your AC Ready for Summer

With Summer right around the corner you can never start too soon by getting your air conditioning system ready to handle the summer heat. There are a few things that you the homeowner can do to start the process.

The first thing that you can do is start off with a clean air filter so be sure to tackle this task first. Next make sure that all of your supply air vents are open to let all of the cool air through.

The next step, and often missed, is the return air grilles. These will allow the system to bring back all of the warm air in the house to be filtered and re-cooled.

These grilles may be different per house and type of installation as some homes will have ductwork in the basement and others will have their ductwork in the attic, none the less they have to be open and unrestricted.

NOTE: Some homes may have older ductwork in a basement and only have floor return air registers, so if this is the case with your home just make sure they are open, unobstructed and clean.

For those with attic ductwork you will more than likely have just one central return air grille located somewhere central in the house a right by the thermostat. This type is the easiest because all you have to do is insert a clean air filter and you are done.

If in some cases you have ductwork in the attic there is a chance that you will have more than one of these return air filter grilles so you would have to change all the air filters.

Ceiling mounted return air filter grille
Ceiling mounted return air filter grille

Newer homes with basement ductwork usually have return air grilles in every room which are mounted on a wall both high and low (see picture at top of page). All you will need to do is close the bottom register and open the top one in every room and then you are ready for summer.

IN CONCLUSION; it is strongly recommended to have the full system gone over by one of our professional HVAC technicians to do further testing and cleaning of you system to insure that you get optimum performance out of you cooling system.

You can CONTACT US for maintenance or even better get on one of our service agreement plans that will always send you the reminder that maintenance is due.

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